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In 2008, chance introduced me to willow weaving, igniting a passion for crafting humble sticks into beautiful creations. Immersed in mastering the art of basketry, I established Hatton Willow in 2012, showcasing my craftsmanship at local events and workshops. In 2015, fueled by determination, I left my IT career to focus entirely on my art. Since then, Hatton Willow has thrived, evolving with each passing year, as I contribute to a variety of captivating projects, driven by my unwavering commitment and artistic vision.

Sarah Hatton


Growing my own willow holds significant importance to me. Following organic principles, I tend to 26 varieties of willow, ensuring a diverse range of sizes and colours. I am involved in every stage of the willow's life cycle, from planting and nurturing to harvesting, grading, soaking, and finally, weaving. This hands-on approach allows me to deeply connect with the materials I work with and ensures the highest quality in every aspect of my weaving.