Contemporary basket


This unusually shaped striking contemporary basket would look beautiful in any home.

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This unusually shaped basket would look striking in any home. With a beautiful and striking contemporary form with three different weaves running through the middle.
This basket was made as Sarah Hatton’s innovative basket for her City and Guilds final piece. The basket has been made with three different types of willow: buff, Flanders Red and Black Maul. The basket sides were made with a buff 3 rod wale, changing to Flanders Red and a reverse wale to make a chain wale. A piece of felted wool was woven between the upright rods and then another buff chain wale added. The next section of weaving is a beautiful and effective zig zag pattern using Black Maul willow. Another chain wale was added using Flanders Red willow to make a border between the two types of weave. The last weave resembles a slew weave and makes a very effective border. Finally the basket is finished with a very attractive contorted hazel handle,

Sarah Hatton started willow weaving in 2008. Sarah is passionate about the heritage craft of willow weaving and cares deeply about the quality and durability of the pieces that she creates. These high quality baskets have come from years of repetition and practice. When Sarah planted her own willow she realised that she could have a sustainable source of willow. She uses her own 26 varieties of different colours alongside willow from Somerset.

Measurements: Height to handle – 23cm, Height to top of handle – 36cm, width at base – 13cm, width at top of border – 36cm.
Delivery: This basket is a one off and it will be sent out to you within 3 working days.

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