Blackberry basket


This lovely blackberry basket is perfect for picking fruit in your garden but also for carrying smaller items.


This sweet blackberry basket is made from the Black Maul variety of willow. It is made with brown willow which means the bark has been left on which makes it perfect to use outdoors. The blackberry basket has a traditional stake and strand base with two blocks of French rand weaving to make it just the right height. With a wrapped handle it’s a perfect basket for carrying all sorts not just beautiful berries.

Sarah Hatton started willow weaving in 2008. Sarah is passionate about the heritage craft of willow weaving and cares deeply about the quality and durability of the pieces that she creates. These high quality baskets have come from years of repetition and practice. When Sarah planted her own willow she realised that she could have a sustainable source of willow. She uses her own 26 varieties of different colours alongside willow from Somerset.

Measurements: Height to border – 18cm, height to handle – 33cm, width at base – 15cm, width at border – 21cm.

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